Hole or help?

Another fine morning, Sun shine and wow what’s going on with the weather? To the hole, after lots of poking around and investigating the hole may just be a blessing. This seems to be part of an old network of storm drains that I have been slowly discovering around the property.

There is such a flow of water under there that it could explain where all the water comes from around the lower barn. On heavy rain days the water bubbles out of the ground along the track. So if I cut off the water here high up I can redirect it into the new open dich and remove some of the water from around the fire pit. It was a long morning with the pick axe.

After lunch it’s time to try and cover up the new underground trenches. Also I’ve put an over flow pipe across the track higher up to try and prevent the flash flooding that can happen as although the new diversion should cope with the worst of it but just in case. the down side is the whole track is muddy and needs new gravel. Just need the quad back up and running fast.


sunny morning & showers in the afternoon ( very light )


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first person spotted 10:50 am