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April, 2017 | Rudha Mor

24 April 2017

Epic Weather

It has been mostly snowing, with big gusts of wind some sunny spells that have been quickly blown over by massive clouds of more snow and hail!! Hope the tulips will survive this!

So days like this provide great opportunities for clean up and organisation of the garage and the barn. We started by building a big shelf in the lower barn to create some floor space. After the shelf was built and things sorted into a save pile or rubbish pile we decided it was time to get the boat up into the rafters. This is easier said then done!  But after a few tries and then Jane showing up to help- We did it!! Then the skies cleared and it was suddenly hot and sunny so we decided we should have a quick check of the walk. We were just about 1/3 of the way around approaching the lower meadow when a huge gust of wind started blowing in and the warm sunny sky was fast disappearing.

Spent the rest of the afternoon moving and shifting and tidying, hoping tomorrow will provided the kind of weather that is good for strimming and mowing!

People on walk, not sure cause I was in the barn most of the day but did see a regular local.

Weather – see above

20 April 2017

Started off the day watering, planting out courgettes and splitting dahlias. Moved plants from cold frame to the outside and from the greenhouse to the cold frame. Prepped flower area in veg garden and planted out echinops and created a wind break around the area to protect the young plants.

Then moved onto working on the platform, made great headway over the course of the day with the weather in our favour.  As we begin knitting the platform together it beginning to draw attention and questions with excitement about what’s happening on it; a sun deck, yoga platform, stage for a band, picnic area or are we getting married again??? The questions keep coming and the excitement is growing in the village.

People on walk 30 + 3 locals

Weather- Mild temperature, light breeze, rain visible in the distance in most directions but no rain in Plockton

18 April 2017

Moved to clearing ponticum on the lower part of private garden path to reveal a species rhododendron in bloom. A constant goal here is to eradicated as much of the ponticum rhododendron as possible. This has opened up that area beautifully and revealed two small beech trees that will now thrive with the added light.

Jane and Cat cleared bracken and brambles by the edge of the meadow where we will be putting a new shed.

Started to build the viewing platform which overlooks the meadow with views toward Loch Carron.

People on walk 18 + 5 locals

Weather overcast with a chill in the air

19 April 2017

Check paths


Continuing to clear ponticum and bracken.


16 people 3 locals

weather warm and dry slightly overcast

17 April 2017

Father and son find one of the stamps to collect on the hunt


Today Rudha Mor is putting on an Easter egg hunt in support of the local play group who are raising money to build a playground in the village. The kids will be given a piece of coloured paper which they have to get 11 stamps on in order to get the prize of a chocolate egg. The stamps will be hidden in locations all along the walk at Rudha Mor and after the adventure they can have tea and scones or soup and sandwiches in the hall!! Good luck to all!!

13 April 2017

Started clearing Ponticum around two species rhododendron in the private house garden we can now see some of the terraced beds that had become hidden in the overgrowth.

Serviced the strimmer in preparation for lawn maintenance. Noticed that the deer are back in numbers and have been monitoring their movements. They have already started attacking the 13 trees that I planted at the bottom of the meadow.

The dalihas are starting to show where they can be split from. Looking forward to a garden full of gorgeous blossoms this summer.


7 April 2017

Planting Day

After a quick tidy up after our BBQ from the night before I began moving plants that are garden ready or need to go into the cold frame from the polly tunnel.  It is amazing how much better the polly tunnel is holding heat since I added extra plastic around the doorway which we don’t use. It’s all about seeding trays, potting things up and moving plants around at the moment as we still don’t have enough room indoors to get everything started under glass.

Clearing out the cold frame is another job, we seem to just need more space under cover but I am slowly letting plants experience the cold winds that we suffer from so badly. Did a quick run to Duncraig walled garden for soil to fill the polly tunnel beds with and trying to find somewhere under cover for the strawberries to go. Half the beds are loaded with soil and ready to go in the pollytunnel but space is definitely the problem.

During lunch my plant order turned up with a few extra goodies. I ordered 5 hosta, 12 astilbe, 8 lilly bulbs and 12 fuschia. In total 96 perennials plugs – 20 hosta, 18 astilbe, 8 lilly and 12 fuschia arrived. Cat and I set about potting up all the plants and labelling them with corresponding information in the notebook. We then made space for them in the vegetable garden and in the cold frame.

Space the final frontier!


24 + 4


sunny windy

11 April 2017


Absolutely soaked to the core at Rudha Mor. The rain has not stopped since last night and water is flowing heavy through every ditch and still soaking the ground.

Started off the day with the usual watering in the polly tunnel and greenhouse where needed. Sharpened the chainsaw, sythe and several other tools and did some general tidying up. Deadheaded daffodils on Jimmy’s walk.

Richard came out to help and we potted up the strawberries and filled the new beds in the polly tunnel with compost.

As the rains continued Cat and I decided to sort the wood pile to make room for cutting more fresh wood and organised the area where we are storing all the various pots for plants.

As the rains continued we decided that it was probably a good idea to check the paths, all seemed well. The area leading down to the otter pond where I have been creating pools flowing into one another has filled up with water which looks wonderful and controls the speed in which it comes down from the upper meadows.

Weather  – non stop rain

People on walk – 1 local

10 April 2017

Sun and Showers

The weather has been back and forth all day between rain clouds and sunshine. Sadly no rainbows to be seen.

Myself and Richard watered the green house and polly tunnel and weeded parts of the veg garden. He’s has lots of questions and seems to have a vague interest in growing food,  we also prepared the boat with fuel.

Today we focused on one of the beds at the front of the house which needed some clearing and rearranging to reveal the lilies that have become hidden by removing fuchsia which have now been put on the fence line between us and Ian’s house. We also added more lilies and moved them back hoping to get something to grow infront of them.  I have a bunch of perennials in the greenhouse and cold frame which I have been preparing for this area with the hopes of bringing more colour throughout the year.

Mowing season has started so I did the house lawns on Saturday and finished up with the meadows paths and arboretum today.

A very kind neighbour has offered us bags of chippings for the paths after doing some major clearing in their garden. This should help in areas where it is becoming muddy from all the foot traffic.

Cat has been preparing the signs to go out for the Easter Egg Hunt next Monday which will help raise funds for the children’s play park in the village. The turn out was good last year and it helps that many families are on holiday with their children and looking for something fun to do.

Weather sun followed by rain followed by sun followed by rain

People on walk

13 -4 local


sunny rain sunny rain rain sunny cold

Money raised this year is now up to  £272.32 by this time last year we were at £107.11 so we seem to be moving in the right direction.

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