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June, 2017 | Rudha Mor


Jog on

I’m always amazed at how many people use Rudha Mor to jog round early morning runners are becoming a common site. Today the midges are out in full force still in the muggy weather. After a morning of filling up bird feeders, watering the greenhouse, poly tunnel and pots, I jump to a little path tidying starting at the woodland walk. It truly amazing how quickly the plant life explodes in this place, everywhere you walk there are branches encroaching on the paths and the grass just keeps reaching for the sky, There is no real time to plant or even think about the the next steps as its all just clearing a way thought the jungle at this time of year.

After clearing my way around the path edges to the lower back meadow I get distracted by the pure storm of midges and for the first time give in to them. Finding shelter in the house sheds I decide to have a measure up the building as it is in need of repair and in this process I found a whole load of hidden gems from simple things like garden twine to bracken poison, now all organised waiting to be put to good use.

Finally get the call about the cattle grid being ready for pick now just have to track down John to help install it and get the supplies in,  its still going to take a whole load of people to remove the old one and even more to move the half ton replacement grid.

Finally got a spell of clear weather to take the lining boards into the new hut and fix them into place. Its taken a while to refit the inside but it is starting to take shape will look amazing when it is finished. We just need the weather to finish everything and work out a final few gremlins. As the day dried out I  got to cut some of the grass. The evening was beautiful and crisp but a storm was brewing and the midges were far too bad so I decided to call it quits only to realise it was 8:45, amazing when the days get longer!

Clearing and paths

Its been a different kind of week here, a group of kids from the local high school have been here helping to clear back Rhododendron ponticum. It is pretty hard going work with the midges in full force. I have been trying to explain to them what the longterm plan is for this area so that they understand why we are doing things a particular way.  The next day was all about tidying up and at  first the boys didn’t see the point but soon got with it as they began to see how much better things looked.

I set Jane up on the newly fixed chipper so she could chip down all of the ponticum that we cut down. We then used this on the woodland path which really begins to help us make an impact. Jane and myself began discussing the planting ideas for the area cleared as we really need to begin propagating plants fast to be able to make maximum impact.

Lots of people walking around today. A couple who have been coming to Rudha Mor every year for 15 years where utterly blown away by the changes in one year, wood chipped paths and hints of the future to come. Lots of people getting confused by the lack of signs so we need to do something about this. The school also seemed to be very happy and were already talking about how to incorporate more learning here.


Overcast with spots of rain


lost count after 55

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