December 10th Winter Wonderland

Woke up this morning to a winter wonderland outside, the snow was fairly thick and went right down to the waterside which is unusual here. So although we managed to get the new lean-to finished the other day we now have the issue of the heavy snow covering the roof and stretching the plastic soContinue reading “December 10th Winter Wonderland”

December 8th The New Grow Space

  Having finished the outer structure of the lean-to I began to build the shelf inside where we will start growing a variety of plants to be planted out along the walk and in the house garden. The initial plan was the there would only be plants on the shelf as the base of theContinue reading “December 8th The New Grow Space”

December 7th Storm Caroline

The winds started picking up yesterday and as it was getting dark I came back to the barn to lock up and found that the roof of our new lean-to was already loose and flapping in the wind. Unfortunately there was not much I could do but hope that overnight the damage wouldn’t be tooContinue reading “December 7th Storm Caroline”

Making Wreaths and Winter Decortations

This week mum and I went out to do a little maintenance on the path edges by the arboretum viewpoint and decided to cut some red dogwood and honeysuckle for making wreaths. Mum used to make wreaths all the time and I had never made one so was very excited to give it a go.Continue reading “Making Wreaths and Winter Decortations”