Wild Weather Continues Jan 29th

  While the ever-changing wild weather continues outside there is plenty of work to do inside. A newly order flat pack bee-hive has arrived and needed assembling so I go busy with that while the wind rain and sleet whipped around. Unlike Ikea furniture this did not come with instructions so a fun day andContinue reading “Wild Weather Continues Jan 29th”

Hurricane Winds Rip Across Rudha Mor Jan 25th 2018

  Storm Georgina hit us last night and we recorder winds up to 88 miles per hour at the house but across the meadow they were probably even stronger. Thankfully the pollytunnel is holding up fine but the wind and deer fences both blew down. The wind fence is about 15 feet from the edgeContinue reading “Hurricane Winds Rip Across Rudha Mor Jan 25th 2018”