And the ditch digging continues

  Of course sorting the drainage at the bottom of the meadow is a massive job and I have had to take pause to repair equipment, order materials and wait for materials to arrive. It has been amazing to see the amount of water that is and has been trying to flow out of thisContinue reading “And the ditch digging continues”

Big Changes in the Vegetable Garden

After visiting a home garden north of here I have decided to completely change the layout of the vegetable patch. I have dug up the whole area where the polly tunnel and several of the beds were and created deep ditches with mounded soil rows. The plan is to simplify everything, there are still someContinue reading “Big Changes in the Vegetable Garden”

Wild Winds Knock Down Vehicle Store

    Well as you know lately we have been getting hurricane speed winds and days with 20 mile per hour winds with 60 mile per hour gusts. As usual the day can start with barely a breeze and the seemingly out of nowhere the winds whip up and can lead to destruction which isContinue reading “Wild Winds Knock Down Vehicle Store”