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March, 2018 | Rudha Mor

Tree Planting Party 24th March

Our first ever tree planting party was a success! Not long after the first arrivals got stuck in with the planting we had a quick hail shower and then the clouds cleared and more people showed up. We weren’t sure if people would just want to plant a few and be done with it but everyone just kept planting! We took a break after a while to have some delicious homemade soups from Elspeth and Jane and it was followed by teas, coffees and the biggest cakes you have ever seen!! We were very lucky to have Sean and Ingrid, professional tree planters, helping us to instruct everyone what to do. More and more people arrived and there were about 35 at one point all scattered around getting the little trees safely in the ground with stakes and tubes to protect them. It was great to see all ages from 3 to 94 out planting! That’s right even 94 year old granny came out and put two trees in the ground. We were sorry to run out of trees as everyone was having so much fun but it didn’t take us long to the get the BBQ going and the party started. Then The House Elves (as they have occasionally been known as) showed up to play some live music for us which had some interludes from DJ Euan Bruce. What a wonderful day and a big thanks to everyone involved including the Woodland Trust who provided us with the trees.


Preparations for the Tree Planting Party

We recently received a confirmation that we will be donated 420 trees, a selection of native trees including Oak, Rowan, Grey Willow and Birch, from the Woodland Trust to plant here at Rudha Mor. We have decided the only way that we will get all of the trees in the ground quickly enough is to have a tree planting party. The plan is refreshments and music to keep everyone going through the day followed by a BBQ at the end of the day. Before all the fun can start we need to get the area of land cleared and ready for planting. The plan is to clear the area on the lower side of the path the runs between the upper and lower meadow as you head toward Jimmy’s walk. It is a mad mix of bracken, brambles, dead and fallen trees, some good living trees and an amazing Fuchsia bush which has grown to an enormous size while hidden in this mess. It will be really exciting to reveal it and see it come into bloom this year. We are also planning to put a path into this area which will lead you in a loop around the newly revealed area.

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