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December, 2018 | Rudha Mor

Propagator Results!

Well after just 3 days the seed trays I planted in the propagator have started to sprout. This is such an exciting development because we always seem to be running so far behind with our vegetables when they should already be producing. The plan for now is to keep the seedlings in the newly boxed in propagator and build another space that I can move them to when they are bigger but still not ready to be outside. This maybe just the thing we need to get our food production levels up.

Propagating to get a head start

I built the propagator earlier this year in the spring and it worked wonderfully for getting seedlings going this summer but as the cooler temperatures have descended on us it was not holding more than 8 degrees at ground level. I decided to box it in earlier this week and I am super pleased to find that it is maintaining an air temperature of 20 degrees. I have just seeded several trays of vegetables with the hopes of having food producing plants earlier in this coming year.  

Picking Veggies for Christmas dinner

For the first year ever we have managed to grow (and patiently wait to eat) our winter vegetables so that we would have enough for a great Christmas spread. Delicious home grown carrots, parsnips, brussel sprouts and onions and we have been eating up the leftovers with lots of green veggies. Today I made a dish with leftover turkey, and from the garden leeks, cavolo nero, purple sprouting broccoli and from the shop a courgette zoodled with some garlic and ginger for a nice healthy follow up to our Christmas dinner which was fairly indulgent.

Sorting out the shed

Well it’s been a long time coming but now is the time. Iv been meaning to strip the wood shed and make room, at first I thought it would be a quick sleeves up and we’re away. But no put a screw in the wall and watched it fall out almost straight away. Dry rot?? I. Then softly placed my hand behind one of the slats and give a tiny pull and almost the whole wall fell out. Luckily I had a plan before I knew it I’d stripped it back and the fire pile grow. With a lot of scratches to ones head I began figuring out how to put it all back together and make plenty of working room. It still needs a little figureing it out but we’re getting there.

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