Planting and getting wet

Planted out some new heathers today, one across from granny’s window and the others around the walk, fingers crossed these will grow and start to spread out. Seeded Jimmy’s walk with some wild flower and other parts of the walk too.

The new ponds at the start of Ian’s walk, when coming across the lower meadow, need to be fixed so they hold water better. They are going to look good during summer when the plant life grows up around them. So I black lined the higher pond first and made the dam wide so someone can walk across it, just need to clear the area now.

Then dug out the section going under the path as the water keeps going where it wants to rather that into the pipe. Began building up a bed just next to the path,  then lined the lower pond which seems to be holding the water better. It will need some more love when the rain isn’t so heavy. Then dug a small guided stream for the water to follow uncovering a field drain at the same time. The water now has direction and leads off the property instead of flooding the lower level. Defo need more rocks to make all this work.

Waiting for quad parts still and this is getting costly as things are being to grow and the piles of cutting that are too big to remove are now getting in the way of progress.


Cold wet with hints of sun


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