Team work

UP and running both Jane and Cat helped me in the garden today and it was very productive. Jane was moving plants around so we had room to work and myself and Cat finished off the main part of the cold frame, then Jane painted it with an outdoor stain. We planted more lavender around the border of the veg patch, anything to deter those midges.

We walked the walk and shared ideas about what could work where and how to develop paths if we get the funding. We also have an plan for getting together all the ideas for the funding application. Cleared out beds in the veg garden in preparation for the new seasons batch of veggies and planted new plants out in the rockery and rear house garden.

Cat and I plant out 12 trees- 10 sliver birch and 2 willow around the low end of the veg garden where I have been building up the earth. Planted alpines across from granny’s window. Just a great day in the sun working for the greater good of growing flowers.




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