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Welcome to Rudha Mor, Plockton where you can enjoy the lovely Scottish private garden and woodland walk which has kindly been opened to the public by it’s owner. Over the years it has become a popular place to walk for locals and tourists alike.

Please read the signs on this private garden walk.

All that is asked of walkers at Rudha Mor is that they stick to the path – there is one big circular path around the headland with diversions to viewpoints, that they do not remove any plants, that they do not allow their dogs off the lead in order to protect wildlife and other walkers, that they do not allow their dogs to foul the property and that if they have enjoyed the walk to make a donation to the box at either end of the walk. The owner kindly donates this money to a charity of her choice and has raised over £6000 to date.

There are many stories of people coming to visit Rudha Mor throughout the year, some people come everyday that they are up here and others are thrilled to see how much it has developed since the last time they visited. It is a fantastic wonderland for a child’s imagination and there are many species of trees and plants for the horticultural enthusiast as well.

We have created this website to provide visitors with information and updates about changes happening on the property. Photographs of the changing seasons and the new planting happening throughout the property.

So read on and learn something new about the property and how it is evolving. We hope you will enjoy it as much as we do.

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