Sometimes you just have to pinch yourself living up here, not only is it amazingly beautiful in every direction but just building something from only ideas and possibilities is so freeing. Then you have to do the day jobs that seem to get more and more extravagant and each job often creates another one, yes it is the endless project!

Before heading to Rudha Mor this morning we took a brisk walk along the side of a loch as the world was waking up enjoying the turning of the autumn leaves. I arrived at Rudha Mor looking with only strimming in mind but then I ran out of the strip cable so had to take a quick visit to the nearby hardware shop. I bumped into and man who said he had something for me so I followed him to the pier. Odd you may say but this kinda of thing happens here. Down we went to the pier and low and behold there was a small rowing boat, free to a good home. I looked and laughed for a bit, got in it and said maybe. He looking at me puzzled but I know there is always a price. It looked like it had seen better days and I wonder what I could do with it. He kept talking and I just laughed.

I headed back to Rudha Mor. Shortly after getting back the alarm for low tide rang so I got on the quad and drove from the mainland to an island to pick up some old tin to recycle into something, something I hadn’t yet decided on. Once on the island it didn’t to take long to fill the trailer and start heading back with one foot holding the tin onto the trailer while trying not to brake it… Boom! Suddenly I was suck in the middle, tide on it’s way in! With a super strong moment I soon lift the rocks blocking the wheels and make back to the mainland just in time.

Finally back to strimming and Jane comes down to help and we’re clearing it in super speed. As I’m strimming I can’t stop thinking about this little boat sitting at the pier with a quick dash down to the boat house and some pain balling out the red boat, I grab the oars and head off to the pier with the rain lashing down on me I’m soaking wet! Wow the view from down here is even more amazing on the water. I soon get to the wee boat and tie it on to mine and paddle off, I did call to tell the owner what was happening. Now he is laughing!! Oh the days at Rudha Mor.