Yo! Wish for it

Yesterday I said “all I need is a dry day” and boy did I get it! The weather was amazing, the was ground dry-ish and the grass dry enough to cut. Made tea for everyone at 9 a.m. and then got straight to it. (but need to think about 12V systems in each barn as I was running all over the place trying to find a car battery with charge everything seams to get zapped by the cold.)

Started by trying to use the sit-on mower as I had just fixed it or so I thought. Realised in fact that there is to much tension on the blades which meant that they were not going anywhere. I spent the days strimming instead and after making my way down one side of the lower meadow I began getting ideas for the new space off the side of the track by the otter pond.

Removed the honeysuckle from the bottom of the arboretum and some.  Strimmed the lower meadow and checked the lower pond on Jimmy’s walk. Transplanted a plant known as Fishing Rods to the new pond area to see if it would take. Also planted the grasses (finally) on the left as you come onto Jimmy’s walk from the Plockton side,  this is something I need to work on in the area.

Tried using the quad to pick up the piles of grass but the spark plug was black and the battery zapped so no joy but stripped it down again to clean and left the battery on charge overnight. Also looking into replacing the digger lights- remove done to work out how they fit, seems as though theres is a bigger problem than I thought but it was getting far to dark so I will have to finish it off tomorrow.


need to take glue gun in to repair quad tyre

dead trees at the start of Jimmy’s walk to remove- one on either side

piles of chippable brush to remove while winter

paths need a resting

slop leading to lower meadow needs blocking off as needs time to recover

track by barns needs an edge.


amazing sun shine


no midges

People on walk

17  (2 local)

first person spotted 9:15 am