No time

Play technicals for lighting (our new volunteer job) today so have to get these trees in the ground. Was here early so had everything ready to go in the ground before making tea for the house. It’s an amazing thing working here in the sunshine planting trees. The sun always seems to come out even if it’s just for a little moment and in the light everything changes. Got the trees caged up for protection and then watered the greenhouse.

Talking over where to place the other trees with Jane so that they have maximum impact. Hoping Granny will want to get out to see them, she seems excited about the prospect of cherry blossoms on the property.

An evening of clearing bits from around the path, checking the paths for drainage and trying to fix the sit on mower, sometimes it just seems like groundhog day. Sharped axes and chopped wood, before you know it the darkness of another night has arrived.

Collected £61.03 on the walk for February this year which is 3 times what was collected last year!

Weather- the most snow we have had all winter, was melted by noon, crisp clear blue day.

Walkers- 5+1 local