Cold or framed

With an amazing day ahead and a string of them to come better start thinking about the plants to grow and spaces for them. The greenhouse needs a shelf or two and the polly tunnel needs beds built in as some veg definitely needs indoor cover all year round. So after a quick walk around and checking the paths and exploring the house shed for materials time to think about the cold frame.

After last years experimenting and I am now understanding what works and what doesn’t, so I am building a cold frame near the greenhouse which is eating into the grassy area so it is one less area needing to be cut. Building with only a vague plan and a piece of string as measuring tape isn’t always the best plan but I seem to of got off to a grand start.

Then things got a little confusing and working by myself became difficult as I’m trying to hold wood up with rocks 15 feet from where I’m trying to screw something else into itself. Confused? I was but then there comes Jane with her steel toe capped boots and tea and together we somehow muddled through and got all the components ready and some screwed together. With it getting dark and the weather turning we soon packed up feeling pleased with how much we got done.


Sunny morning and warm but and overcast


Zero (or not that I saw but was working by the barn all day)