Not just no rain, lots of sunshine!! Keeping the plants watered has been a full time job!! Our friends from America arrived and brought with them some pure sunshine, 3 weeks here feels like a summer worth of great weather. We were pleased to see some rain clouds roll in as it had been so dry that several fires had started in the area one of which was said to have been from a spark as a car’s undercarriage scraped the pavement and created a spark. Fires nearby meant that we woke up to Plockton under a cloud of smoke, at first it looked like the kind of low lying cloud we often get on a morning around here but as soon as you stepped outside the smell of smoke hit you. Thankfully all of the fires were contained and no one was hurt. 

Stromferry fire, 2018, Plockton Harbour

View of the smoke over Plockton Harbour from the big pontoon.