Muddy moving

with Spring in the air and a frost under foot let the planting continue boldly. Working first thing in the greenhouse thinking about making more space as I’m already running out of room. Plants are really getting the run a run at the moment with the weather hot cold ice wind not matter what you think it’s going to do it happily does somethings different.


Not or see the usual sings of deer since we closed off the hedge leading them into the back of the house flower bed. With a quick trip to Kale with granny and a spot of lunch and to the digger. About time I started moving the rest of the earth at the end of the garage, and widen the path down to the barn.


mud glorious mud, I’m getting a better idea how to shape this corner so it can be turned into a bed and not a grassy mess. I still need to loosen more earth and drag it over from the other side but it takes much only than I’d hope. Lucky iv fixed the lights on the digger an


cold start but warm


2 locals

first person spottedĀ 9:50 am