Planting Day

After a quick tidy up after our BBQ from the night before I began moving plants that are garden ready or need to go into the cold frame from the polly tunnel.  It is amazing how much better the polly tunnel is holding heat since I added extra plastic around the doorway which we don’t use. It’s all about seeding trays, potting things up and moving plants around at the moment as we still don’t have enough room indoors to get everything started under glass.

Clearing out the cold frame is another job, we seem to just need more space under cover but I am slowly letting plants experience the cold winds that we suffer from so badly. Did a quick run to Duncraig walled garden for soil to fill the polly tunnel beds with and trying to find somewhere under cover for the strawberries to go. Half the beds are loaded with soil and ready to go in the pollytunnel but space is definitely the problem.

During lunch my plant order turned up with a few extra goodies. I ordered 5 hosta, 12 astilbe, 8 lilly bulbs and 12 fuschia. In total 96 perennials plugs – 20 hosta, 18 astilbe, 8 lilly and 12 fuschia arrived. Cat and I set about potting up all the plants and labelling them with corresponding information in the notebook. We then made space for them in the vegetable garden and in the cold frame.

Space the final frontier!


24 + 4


sunny windy