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Asian Style Adzuki Bean Salad with Hot Smoked Salmon

Have you ever wondered what to make when you have several guests and they all have different dietary needs? There are so many allergies and preferences that everyone has these days that it can make it tricky to feed a crowd. Here is the solution and it is absolutely...

Grilled Green Bean, Courgette & Shallot Salad

I love grilled vegetables in my salads and recently my sister suggested using green beans which I have to admit I would have never considered but we had a big crowd and a big bunch of beans that needed using up. If you have read some of my previous posts you will also...

Simple Slaw

We love cole slaw around here and warm days bring back the craving for quick refreshing food for lunch. If you think that you don't like cole slaw but have only ever bought it from a shop then at least try this once because it is a completely different experience. One...

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