Busy in the lean-to getting lots of small plants potted up and more seeds planted. The polly tunnel beds and getting filled in, we have 6 rows of carrots in the first bed as you walk in. It is the only bed in the polly tunnel that is double the height and it is filled with lovely rock free compost so hopefully we will get some lovely long carrots. We planted classic orange and a rainbow mix with garlic at each end and in the middle. The chard and parsnips are also in at the opposite end and we have put more garlic at the other ends to help deter pests. We have some little plants which we put in the soil to grow them up for putting outdoor and most of them are looking ready for transplant just waiting for it to get a little warmer.

We are constantly working on developing our wind defences and so James has taken loads of cuttings from the enormous red dogwood in the arboretum and pushed them into the ground along the side of the veg garden. This will be the first layer of defence for that side as it grows up and the plan is to eventually have a second layer of defence, a gooseberry hedge, all the way around to help keep out the deer.

James also added a long winding row of the red dogwood through and area on Jimmy’s walk. It is a little difficult to see (photo below right) but it should add a lovely bit of colour into that area.

Also been prepping some of the beds outside the polly tunnel in preparations for the beans being ready to go out. Things are still a bit messy but soon it will all start coming together and looking good with green growth.