Woke up this morning to a winter wonderland outside, the snow was fairly thick and went right down to the waterside which is unusual here.

So although we managed to get the new lean-to finished the other day we now have the issue of the heavy snow covering the roof and stretching the plastic so the morning starts with clearing this. I am a little short to use my hands, like James does, to hit the plastic from the inside and so I covered a broom with some carpet underlay and pushed that up against the roof. Proper workout! I was exhausted after that.

I was desperate to get out and take some photos of the village covered in snow so I headed off to get my camera and start shooting while the sun was still hidden behind the mountains. It was magical, the peaceful little village of Plockton on a quiet Sunday morning.

Back at Rudha Mor I brought in some wood ┬áthen headed off around the path to check all was ok and to take some more photos. There were already several different prints on the path in the snow but I didn’t pass a soul as I walked around.

Back in the house and time to start a bit of decorating to get us all in the Christmas spirit!