Storm Georgina hit us last night and we recorder winds up to 88 miles per hour at the house but across the meadow they were probably even stronger.

Thankfully the pollytunnel is holding up fine but the wind and deer fences both blew down. The wind fence is about 15 feet from the edge of the deer fence which is around the veg garden. At the moment there are only onions growing in the veg garden so the fence being compromised is not too big of an issue right now.

The wind fence is repairable and what was good to see is that the willow which we planted on the far side of the wind fence is all still standing strong in the ground. I am guessing that it has all taken root and hopefully we will soon see it starting to grow and become another layer of wind defence.

The chicken hut rolled  and it has caused a little damage but nothing too major and the stained glass window is still intact!!

While having a good check around the property and clearing fallen debris after winds I discovered a deer cave in an area overgrown with rhododendron ponticum so I destroyed it! It may sound harsh but the more ways in which we can disturb the areas in which the deer live the more likely we can discourage them living here and destroying the young trees and plants.

Another surprise discovery is a pair of mink, which as the Scottish Wildlife Trust explains, are very cute but ferocious hunters and could have a terrible effect on the bird population of Rudah Mor.