Plockton Rudha Mor painting barn

The weather is key to so many jobs up here and as we were preparing the job list for the week we realised that the sun was out and the temperature was rising. The weather report was saying no rain and we have been keen to complete the painting of the roof of the black barn. To do this you have to create the longest paintbrush in the world!

Screwing a paintbrush to the end of a long bit of wood so that we can paint the barn roof

We attached paint brushed to the longest and lightest weight pieces of wood we could find and climbed up our ladders to get this finished while the weather was in our favour. It is amazing how as the temperature fluctuated the consistency of the paint did too. What a relief when we finished, it looks so good and although that is all the paint we have right now we will finish off the rest of the building when we can get more paint and the weather required.

One more job for the day, building an onion bed. We have covered areas of the veg garden with carpet to surprise the growth of weeds in preparation for making new beds and today reveal a lovely new spot and built a low wood frame around it which we will fill with seaweed and soil before planting out with a crop of onions. Pulled up the last of the carrots too, can’t wait for a lovely roast with homegrown carrots!

What a blessing to have a day of clear warm weather.