Sun and Showers

The weather has been back and forth all day between rain clouds and sunshine. Sadly no rainbows to be seen.

Myself and Richard watered the green house and polly tunnel and weeded parts of the veg garden. He’s has lots of questions and seems to have a vague interest in growing food,  we also prepared the boat with fuel.

Today we focused on one of the beds at the front of the house which needed some clearing and rearranging to reveal the lilies that have become hidden by removing fuchsia which have now been put on the fence line between us and Ian’s house. We also added more lilies and moved them back hoping to get something to grow infront of them.  I have a bunch of perennials in the greenhouse and cold frame which I have been preparing for this area with the hopes of bringing more colour throughout the year.

Mowing season has started so I did the house lawns on Saturday and finished up with the meadows paths and arboretum today.

A very kind neighbour has offered us bags of chippings for the paths after doing some major clearing in their garden. This should help in areas where it is becoming muddy from all the foot traffic.

Cat has been preparing the signs to go out for the Easter Egg Hunt next Monday which will help raise funds for the children’s play park in the village. The turn out was good last year and it helps that many families are on holiday with their children and looking for something fun to do.

Weather sun followed by rain followed by sun followed by rain

People on walk

13 -4 local


sunny rain sunny rain rain sunny cold

Money raised this year is now up to  £272.32 by this time last year we were at £107.11 so we seem to be moving in the right direction.