Cold Start

Well the weather has finally changed and there is snow on the hills and snow in the air. The winds have been playing havoc but we still seem to get a steady stream of people. Today I just have the morning to limb up the broken branches of some freshly broken trees, so off I start around the walk. To get into one tree I have to clear some of the gorse so I get a little carried away and clear about 20 square meters of gorse. But the path looks better for it and gives me the idea that this area would be good for the cherry trees we’ve order (trees are 5ft x 20).

I carry on down Ian’s Walk towards the corner where he’ed open it up and I start to pull back the rock to make a different edge to the walk and you can begin to see a future for this becoming a heather area. The snow begins to fall and walkers keep walking by with friends commenting about how amazing it is for the walk to be open to the public and how they aways come to Plockton and love walking Rudha Mor. This kinda of thing always helps me pick the bigger rocks and work a little harder.

I move down the path and find a fallen tree to the side of the walk and manage to right it again by lifting it up and propping it up with a tree trunk I’d yet to collect  for fire wood. Need to come back with the chainsaw and make this more stable but it works for now and is safe with a little luck the tree will take again to the ground around and be safe.



snow begins to settle



first person spotted 9:00 am