More moon

The moon has been amazing at keeping me up, it seems so powerful like a spotlight in the window and I am definitely feeling tired but got off to an early start despite little sleep. The deer are now back so I’ve taken a couple of precautions in the new flower bed at the start of the walk.

Also an amazing day of moving rocks to surround the base of the new cold frame, once I’d moved all the rocks Jane came out to help and we soon had it surrounded with a lining over the grass and a gravel bottom. When you lay down in the frame your really feel the difference in temperature, and the greenhouse has remained 2 degrees higher with the cold frame now attached which will save me from having to light the heater in there.

Jane sharpened the chainsaw as I titivated the outside area of the garage. Then we went to cut down a dead tree I’d found off the beaten track but a woodpecker had made it’s nest in it so no taking that down. Off we went to the next tree which we soon had stripped, limbed and ready for collection.

Started cutting down the tin for the raised beds and been working out how to fit more wind blocks in to the veg garden. You can already feel spring and today was the first day the robins were singing loud and proud- spring must be here?


Sunny but cold wind


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