Wild and Windy

There was a serious gale blowing today and we had a big rain shower around 10 this morning then the skies cleared to sunny and blue for most of the day.

Now that the quad is useable I have started bringing in the piles of brush and wood from around the property to burn. Cleared area near the otter pond and along Jimmy’s walk. Made a brush pile hidden on Jimmy’s walk to be used for chipping. Pruned one of the Rhododendrons in the house garden.

Went down to the boat house side of property to investigate trees and subsidence and discovered that parts of the cliff face are sliding into the sea and many trees are going with it. I found 7 trees, 2 dead and 5 living but affected by the subsidence. There are two 1.5 foot drops on the cliff face. Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done about this. There are several Scots Pine that could do with being topped and sadly it seems as though the huge pine tree next to the large monkey puzzle tree has a crack in it.

Emptied donation boxes, collection for the last week equalled £24.70 which was double what we took this time last year.

People on walk 4+4 locals

Weather gusty winds all day, morning rain followed by fairly clear sky