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14/01/17 | Rudha Mor



Doing my morning checks after the big wind and this one got it.

Very close to the otter pond path I quickly cut it down so It didn’t fall on to the path. Boy this wood was heavy, I cut it down to three foot lengths and had to hand ball it to the  path edge and thats definatly one way to start the day. I only had a couple of hours before I would be going to do the lights for the play but I worked quickly and managed to get the main tree cut up and put all the brush into a pile and now just have to figure out how to move it all to the wood store as the quad is still waiting for parts. What a day but had a audience for when it fell which was nice and got a round of applause.



Mid dry and the suns out

saw the first midges of the season


11 ( in 3 hours)

first person spotted 9:20 am



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