Getting up early to get a head of the day isn’t always best, as over coffee this morning I started doing a little more research on the sit on mower that will not turn over at the moment. So there are a number of things that this could be from a flat battery (no) to faulty ground (on a number of parts maybe) to a faulty solenoid (best guess). Opening up the garage I see the mess I’ve been waiting for a bad weather day to clear up. And boy have things got quickly out of hand we seem to be a magnet for stuff and there are boxes of bits and piles of rubbish to deal with and all because the weather has been so good it’s all been outside work. Well today it’s properly raining (for the first time in weeks) and time to do those inside jobs.

Starting with the wood store, theres has been one pile that we all have been looking at wondering what to do with. It has old stumps that everyone has had a go at cutting at one time or another but no one can get through them and their either to fiddly or dangerous to cut with the chainsaw. Burning them springs to mind but there also big dry lumps that would be good on an outdoor fire for a summer BBQ or something. Going to build a quick outside store to keep them dry for now.

After clearing out the wood store and cutting down and splitting some rounds I slowly move into the business end of the garage (where the tools are) and their are boxes everywhere, bits of this and that. A lot of wooden crates from Janes house and with a little time and elbow grease I begin to get on top of the space with burning old boxes and removing the rubbish. Starting to get somewhere at last.

Finally down to the barn to work on the sit-on and before too long Jane comes down with a cup of tea and I realise the day has gone completely. You look around and sometimes it doesn’t seem as though you have moved forward.


Rain in the morning  and overcast


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