After an early start and a continuation of the reorganising of the garage and barn I finally get around to the deer fence that surrounds the vegetable garden. So A quick nudge out of bed to Jane for an extra pair of hands and I begin stripping down the fence and knocking in the new poles managing to get some in deeper than before.

We dragged out the old fence and folded it in half as this time we’re going to start with it about 12 inches off the ground so I can keep the grass neater all year round. After a lot of faffing around we got it up all before lunch and then just had the gates to do. I made a nice little swing gate that will do the job for now. But the girls wanted to go for a walk around the property; we did some exploring on the new paths made by walkers and their dogs with a couple of paths becoming established and quite dangerous. More things to keep and eye on.

We also saw a photographer that had quizzed us earlier about the light house island. Then later I saw them out by the cockle bank at low tide and his parter was over on the island so I took a walk over to warn them about the turning tide. They seemed more bothered about getting the shot than their own safety.

Spent the rest of the day working on redirecting the water flow down towards the otter pond, this need more looking at but Its getting there bit by bit.


Over cast and still


12 + 3 locals

first person spotted 8:50 am