Today was one whole day spent clearing a bed out in the house pond garden. I need to get better at taking before and after photos but with so much to do and so little light to do it in you just get stuck in. Here almost a before pic.


You can’t really see what I’m working on but you get the idea, its over grown and needed attention. the idea here was to clear back to soil and maybe add some low flowering foliage underneath the azalea.

But I got way carried away and took it further and finally begin see a way forward for the whole area.


I found more path hidden under 3 inches of growth and found a nice little path around the edge of the pone that i had completely forgotten about. I remember seeing it maybe two years ago. I found two plants too close together that needed to be spread out so I began doing that.

This area is going to take some time to sort but we’ll get there, Granny is sounding excited about coming on a walk to see the progress and I keep seeing corners of magic happening. It is going to take a long time to get this area looking really good but it will be rewarding and it is an area that is easy for granny to get to and enjoy.

Wo hoo! Rudha Mor venison for dinner -one down & six to go! Spoken to the gillie  and they are happy to remove are problematic deer.
Heres a coulee of plants I’ve moved around, a bit blurry but some progress.

These are in the rockery bed by the house lawn.