Hidden powers

With spring in the air Jane is eager to help with the chipping which we are currently putting on Jimmy’s walk. We we pulled out the chipper and topped it up with fuel and got it ready to spin. Jane put on her steel toe caps and started to make light work of the massive pile of chipping. And yes spring is really in the air, the crocus are now popping out of the ground and daffodils are too. Plants everywhere are beginning to bud up and get ready for summer. Crazy weather 10 C today and not looking like its going away.

I’m still clearing out beds and getting ready to remove the fallen scots pine by the house garden. I have also discovered a load of fallen trees in the ponticum that will make good fire wood. Jane talks me trough what the house pond garden looked like and we discuss the removal of some of the dead wood and plants, and how to grow the beds into a more floral arrangement.


Afternoon heading to Balmacara woods to explore with Rosie and Cat but found out they have Phytophthora  a disease of rhododendron so we are diverted by the walk straight down to the beach were we wash our boots in the salty water. Need to think about putting a cleaning station at the start of the walk. Amazed at what is in flower already in the surrounding areas. Got back to find a massive pile of chips thanks to Jane.

I helped her take them down to Jimmy’s walk and continued to spread them down the path.


Sunny spells

Wind is on and off



2 + 3 locals

first person spotted 9:30 am