Today seems like groundhog day as I’m repairing the quad wheel again so I can bring in wood and moving earth, but the weather is still with me but you can feel a change in the air. I finally got the wood in from down the bottom of the meadow having had to blow up the tyre 3 times before getting there.

Cleared wood blown branches from the path and grass seeded the damaged path area by the arboretum by raking the surface to rough it up a little then seeding and raking again, fingers crossed the grass seed will take at this time of the year. (note to self blow leafs from arboretum in the fall)

Back to clearing dead Iris leaves from clumps around the house and tidying the path down to the barn. Need the quad fixed asap as I need to bring up shingle from the beach to lay on the newly widened bit of track between the garage and the bottom barn. I’ve added calcified seaweed and sand directly on the track to help dry out the mud for now. Moved barbed wire and large stones from the new mound of earth and amazed that at 5:30pm and I can still see, it gets light quickly up here as summer is definitely marching in.


sunny morning and warm but and overcast


3+4 locals

first person spotted 9:15 am