Fixing day

Living in the highlands sometimes has it downfalls when it comes to ordering parts. Even though we’re part of mainland UK we are in the highlands and people like to think that this is a different world when it comes to deliveries. I ordered a few new parts for the quad as it needs a good overhaul and this would be like a sticky plaster for now. But even though the items are in stock its been 12 days and they still haven’t been dispatched? But this being the highlands, if you ask the right people they might a have solution or two that will get you by for now. So might try out some of these other ideas in the meantime.

With a little patience and the right tools anything is possible and for now you can start the quad without a solenoid and a few other miner parts. Amazing! Highland life truly has the answers to most things. Even though this took me most of the day, I was finally able to get the pile of logs in so that I can begin drying the fire wood. Replacing axe handles and sharpening chainsaws today hasn’t been the most productive but I have fixed a lot of things. I also managed to move the stainless steel table into the polly tunnel which has been slowly building heat just need the new beds in place ASAP.

I spent time looking over the sit on mower and have found the main problem with this- there are 3 cables on the under side that all have open wires touching each other, the solenoid in this also seems to be dead which must be the moisture in the air. Looks like I need to order some parts for this to try starting it, I tried bypassing it with a jumper cable but no joy, I’ll have to replace the cables first.


Over cast and still with sunny spells


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