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October, 2016 | Rudha Mor


Today was another wood cutting day with the weather finally turning to rain, got soaked from head to toe but managed to fell a whole fallen tree. Begin pushing back the edges of the meadow where the bracken was starting to creep in and opened up the join between the two higher meadows.




Afterimg_1036 img_1039


Began clearing out the bed at the start of the walk when heading left, getting ready to replace the soil and replant with spring bulbs. This is going to be a massive job but hopefully the results will be a gorgeous entrance bed that will become a memorable focal point along the walk.



All of the planting happening at Rudha Mor is to encourage bees, butterflies and wildlife and we recently found the structure of a bee houes in one of the barns… so watch this space and we may soon have more of those lovely little pollen spreaders flying about!



As the seasons are changing it is time to turn our focus to filling up the wood shed and we are turning our focus on a  scost pine that fell last winter. The plan for chopping and removal is all about teamwork with me cutting the tree down into logs to be split, then while Cat puts each log on the block for me to chop Jane loads the trailer. 3 trips and the whole thing is cut and loaded into the woodshed ready for drying.  Was really pleased to get two big chopping blocks out of the middle of this tree. (No more bad back!)


The best part of the day was spent planning what needs doing in specific areas. It is becoming apparent that the more I have planned the easier it is to direct people when they come to help. A large part of the the day was also spent cutting down a tree that had been uprooted near a path.  It’s been limped up and is ready to be chopped for fire wood.

I have planted out some boggy ground cover plants where a new bog pond has been created in the lower area of Jimi’s walk to encourage drainage which should help some of the rhododendrons that have been struggling from having their root balls in very wet ground.

Both Cat and myself trimmed the tree at the bottom of the house lawn and removed the dead wood  to open up the bottom bed to be able to start removing the mess in there in preparation for adding a thick layer of seaweed and mulch so that this bed can be planted out in the spring and provide the new plants with healthy soil.



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