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March, 2019 | Rudha Mor

What’s Blooming

It’s the first day of Spring so I thought I would document what was blooming on this day of 2019. Having such a hot (for Scotland) summer last year and another mild winter has had an effect on the growth of many of our favourite plants. We were all surprised to see the first heads of Red Hot Pokers already showing. There are two pink Camellias by the house and one is losing it’s blossoms while the other is just at it’s peak. The daffodils have been up for a while and at the big old pink cherry tree at the bottom of the house garden had never looked so beautiful. Spring is always an exciting time of year and despite having some pretty wild storms blowing through we have had some fabulously warm calm days in-between.

Red Hot Pokers
Pink Camellia

Wind Fencing the Garden

Trying to protect the vegetable garden from the wind is an ongoing job around here so recently we started adding pallets since most of the thin windbreak material we had stapled to the fence posts had ripped loose. The pallets have been pretty effective although after putting a few in place some strong winds came and pushed the back door of the poly tunnel through. We have since finished a solid run of pallets on that side which gets the worse of the winds so this will hopefully help increase food production of the garden. The finishing touch was some repourposed green material which has tidied up the look a little. Now we just need to get some more pallets, more stakes and more material to complete the job and keep the pigs out!

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