Epic Weather

It has been mostly snowing, with big gusts of wind some sunny spells that have been quickly blown over by massive clouds of more snow and hail!! Hope the tulips will survive this!

So days like this provide great opportunities for clean up and organisation of the garage and the barn. We started by building a big shelf in the lower barn to create some floor space. After the shelf was built and things sorted into a save pile or rubbish pile we decided it was time to get the boat up into the rafters. This is easier said then done!  But after a few tries and then Jane showing up to help- We did it!! Then the skies cleared and it was suddenly hot and sunny so we decided we should have a quick check of the walk. We were just about 1/3 of the way around approaching the lower meadow when a huge gust of wind started blowing in and the warm sunny sky was fast disappearing.

Spent the rest of the afternoon moving and shifting and tidying, hoping tomorrow will provided the kind of weather that is good for strimming and mowing!

People on walk, not sure cause I was in the barn most of the day but did see a regular local.

Weather – see above