New steps Forward

After amazing day over in Inverness yesterday and we’re back bouncing high off the feed back from the 360 video we made of the walk around Rudha Mor. We also got the green light into taking the next step to apply for funding. So after a quick walk around the property, and a little picking up sticks and moving tree cages I jumped onto the phone.

And now the fun starts, being given the run around a little by people trying to get  me to speak to the person most likely to give me the knowledge I was requesting and finally got to talk to Cattie Anderson from the SNH South Highland. After a long conversation she suggested we apply for the Improving Public Access rather than what we were looking at. “As it’s bigger funding and they pay for it up front.” she also said it would marry well with lotto funding as we ‘re a local concern.

“Who’s next on the list?” Lottery Scotland!  They were very interested and know where the walk is. They to have answered all my questions and sound interested  particularly if we have help from SNH South Highland, and team up with the local school and local groups. SO back to the planning board as I need to convey everything in well structured  applications. We could be into a amazing situation fingers crossed.

Back to the garden and trying to make a deer proof cage for trees in 30 mph winds is not the easiest of things to do.  Spent a little to time with Tom the Gilley who was back today looking for tracks and deer (no luck today). Also started repairing trees from damage done by deers, this seems to work from the RHS website so I’ll give it ago. There are plenty of trees in need.


Overcast and Windy (DRY)


3 locals

first person spotted 9:40 am