Boom Weather

Well for the second day of amazing weather, 13C by 10am, thank you. Into the greenhouse which needs much love as it’s just been waiting for some warmth. Potting things up that should of die months ago and increasing the size of others.  Got my seeds into some order and still trying to figure out how and where everything is going to go, I will find somewhere. Moved a load of plants into the polly tunnel to make more room. Then had the mad idea to start getting seeds on the go so I’ve taken a random selection of seeds from food to flowers and lavender to test the water. Explained the plant journal to Jane.

Then Jane and I headed off to cut up the mass of fallen trees I found in the undergrowth. Making wood piles as there was so much brush and working out how to fit a path in between the trees if needed at a later date.

Over lunch looked over the mass of infomation sent out by SNH and saw £8.50 meter for deer fences which would mean it could be possible to stop the deer getting onto Rudha Mor all together. Will have to seek more advice about how possible this would be as my not be popular (or would it).

Anyway back to cutting up wood and dragging it out of the depths of Rudha Mor.

Had a little fire at the end of the day.





1+3 locals

first person spotted 9:50 am


First Tic ofr the year!

Midges around but not bitting