After a quick morning scramble to paint the new trailer before the rain came I headed off to the with my sythe in hand to clear the bramble between the boarder of Ian’s house and path that crosses the bottom of the main meadow leading to the woodland walk. With the hot sun burning down on me and the fluid swing of the sythe I managed to take down the main part of the brambles very quickly. I raked them up into piles and dragged the piles onto a piece of tarp bundled it up and took it to the burn pile.

Once the main parts of the bramble were removed I had a field of stalks standing about 10 inches high. With a pair of secateurs and a bottle of poison I started cutting their heads one by one then brushing on the nasty but needed poison. Working in here I began to see a future of a flower boarder along this stretch backed with more hedge to suppress the brambles from coming back.

Meanwhile Cat had been to Kyle and got some new brilliant white masonry paint for the front gates then started painting them. Once I had cleared up and got down to the gates I suddenly realised that I not told her about the bulbs I had put at the foot of the gate. She had cleared away the greenery at the bottom of the column so we may have lost a few new plants  but the gates post are looking good. I took over and finished off the post as she got ready for yoga.

Also today met a local twitcher and we discussed the importance of identification and where we could share our finds here at Rudha Mor with local groups. We talked about species that I had already seen this year. Yellow hammers where at the top of the list for highly endangered in the area and he was delighted to hear we have two pairs of the yellow hammers on the property, this seems to be an area we could promote to attract a higher footfall.


lots of Sun


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