We’ve got wood

At 8:30 this morning we saw the Jewsons delivery truck drive by so we quickly got up to Rudha Mor to organise the delivery.

Now a quick flit up to the school to help brake down the stage seating now that the festival of plays has finished. News travels fast and everyone already seems to know we have had a delivery. Got all of the wood moved up to Rudha Mor before lunch.

After lunch everything is stacked up and tidied. Then finished off the first cold frame and had a quick walk down to Jimmy’s walk to see how the plants and tree are settling in. The flax look like someone has troden on them. The daffodils are out and the big yellow rhododendron is still holding its flowers and looking good. The other rhododendron is not looking so good so Jane and I begin working out the next steps that need to be taken with them.

Back to the veg garden and Jane moves the potted plants in the polly tunnel to make room so I can cut the wood for the new bed that we are putting in there. Jane and I discuss the blue planters outside the front of the house and what direction we’re taking them this year. Cat paints the Rudha Mor sign for the front gate and makes over the rockery planters witch have been devoured by the deer.

Now off to the Horticulture committee meeting to arrange the bulbs and baking show.