The fabulous weather is back and we decided that it was a good day to tackle some of the changes we wanted to make down on Jimmy’s walk. We currently have Nona, our very first live in volunteer helping out around the property so the three of us headed down with a variety of tools loaded into the wheelbarrows to see how much we could accomplish in a day. Nona and James both started with strimming on both sides of the path while I cut back some unwanted plants around the pond. Once they had revealed a large area I went in and hand pulled the longer grass around some of the smaller plants and flowers that we have been adding to the area recently. They then began placing some new plants around and digging them in while I trimmed back growth around the bases of trees. It was so satisfying to see the results and in the process we came up with some new ideas of plants that might do well in the area. It just so happened to be a perfect day for a BBQ so I ran off to the shop for some supplies and we enjoyed a relaxing evening with friends after a hard days work.