We recently received a confirmation that we will be donated 420 trees, a selection of native trees including Oak, Rowan, Grey Willow and Birch, from the Woodland Trust to plant here at Rudha Mor. We have decided the only way that we will get all of the trees in the ground quickly enough is to have a tree planting party. The plan is refreshments and music to keep everyone going through the day followed by a BBQ at the end of the day. Before all the fun can start we need to get the area of land cleared and ready for planting. The plan is to clear the area on the lower side of the path the runs between the upper and lower meadow as you head toward Jimmy’s walk. It is a mad mix of bracken, brambles, dead and fallen trees, some good living trees and an amazing Fuchsia bush which has grown to an enormous size while hidden in this mess. It will be really exciting to reveal it and see it come into bloom this year. We are also planning to put a path into this area which will lead you in a loop around the newly revealed area.