Rhododendron ponticum is everywhere on Rudha More and in some cases it is good as it creates a wind block and when we do remove it thought must go into how we can add new wind defences. There are spots all along the woodland walk where we are doing this, some small and some large. We have been advised that if you keep cutting back the same spot after 3-4 times it should start to die off so it is important to go back to areas we have started on and make sure we continue the cut backs. A popular spot on the walk which looks toward Duncraig Castle and has been recently named Proposal Point was where I was working the other day. It wasn’t a big job, it only filled on wheel barrow but it is one of those little jobs that need to be fit in regularly to keep the culling process working. So here are some before and after photos and the nice thing about clearing this spot is that as you enter the woodland walk from the upper meadow you get a nice peak toward the castle which would be otherwise blocked by the ponticum.