Well everyone just loves saying winter is coming and indeed it is so the time for filling the woodshed has come. This is always an ongoing project and when I come across fallen trees I cut them to manageable sizes and get them in the shed to dry and chop. So this week I started looking through the rhododendron overgrowth behind the house and found several fallen trees. So after cutting a path into the tangled mess I started to cut and remove large sections of tree. I preparation for taking this into the barn I have been chopping down the wood that has been drying over the summer. 

During my search for wood I found a cliff that drops down to the top of the mossy glade and it suddenly occurred to me that this area is almost like a natural walled garden with cliff edges on 3 sides and wind protection from trees on the 3rd side. I would like to cut back all of the rhododendrons in this area and reveal the cliff faces to create a new area for plants. I also found some excellent little mushrooms which is one of the fun things about exploring in the deep undergrowth.

The rain has been excessive recently so when the heavens open up there are always jobs to be done inside so during some of these downpours I have been sharpening the sit on mower blades, organising the barn and getting rubbish ready for a dump run. Continued work on building a storage box in the lower barn and Jane, Cat and I have all been taking turns spraying the drive with the pressure hose which has made a dramatic difference by clearing away dirt and moss.

I am currently in the process of working out the power needs for the barn and have been accessing how this can be improved. Another project is to improve the back shed so I have been taking measurements and thinking about what will be required to improve that area.

While doing my usual checks of the walk I found otter tracks leading from the new lower pond up to the well established upper pond on Jimmy’s walk. I think as the season is quieting down they are becoming a little more brave in the explorations.

I cut back the holly trees leading down the boathouse as they were beginning to encroach on the path leading down. There is a lot that could be done down here but at the moment the improvements will have to wait.