Finally got the digger up with some help from Yoni after a week on it’s side, this is just another example of how projects can be put back by days and weeks. Decided to give it a service to make sure it would be operating well so I changed the oil and tightened the fan belt.

I used theĀ rhizome poison on the area of bracken around the the new path to the decking area which is where the digger had been laying. A combination of clearing, poison and attacking the new growth of the bracken in the spring should be enough to transform this area which has been encroaching on the meadow. The overall goal is to push back the bracken and limit the pathways that intersect this area between the two upper meadows and the veg patch.

We are going to move the polly tunnel to a different spot in the veg garden which will create better wind protection for the outside beds so I have measured it for a refit and ordered a new plastic covering.

Got more free rubble for waterfall project which I will start in the winter once all of the scrub has died back and we can see the area more clearly.