This evening a wonderful 4 days of amazing weather has come to an end but I think we have made the most of it. There has been a lot happening everyday and today the goal posts kept changing, being able to adjust your plans throughout the day is one of the very important skills to have here. This week I continued to remove dirt from the overgrown area next to the garage but as I was working I realised that now was the time to make a big change that I had been thinking about, which was to move the drain that runs from the upper field and veg garden to the centre of the gravel drive. By doing this I am able to cover the ditch to the side of the drive and give the water a more direct route to the drain on the other side.

As soon as I started this project the water started to flow naturally in this direction and all of the movement of dirt has revealed a ton of rock which will be useful in many areas.

We were not the only ones with our eye on the weather, the local farmer showed up this week to cut the fields and bail the hay to be taken away. People often ask about what we do to maintain such amazing meadows here and the secret is to leave them well alone until the autumn so that all of the seed heads can mature and drop before they are removed. The cutting and removing of all of the long dead shoots also helps the meadow to continue on more beautifully year after year.

Got the fire pile lit but it didn’t burn as well as I would have liked so I will need to pull it apart and cut it down before I light it again.

We received more rubble for the waterfall project and some top quality soil that will be great for the veg garden. We have started filling the onion bed with some of this soil as that was ready and the onions should be arriving soon.

Got a wood delivery for the pollytunnel today. We have been measuring and planning for movement of the tunnel and planning out how the beds in the polly tunnel will work and what we want to grown in them this year.

Cleared back all of the tomato plants from inside the greenhouse and started to clean it down.