The majority of the soil at Rudha Mor is peaty and highly acidic which means that finding a variety of plants that thrive is here is a challenge. We also have come to the realisation that in order to grow vegetables here that we will need to create raised beds with better soil. There are also issues with drainage in many areas which means that we have areas of soggy paths and plants that are struggling. Sometime the list seems endless but now that I have got the digger fixed it means I can start addressing these issues.

One of my first goals is to find 20 tones of manure to mix with some good soil I have found in an area that the owner says was a vegetable patch some 30 years ago which has become grown over. We will use this soil for the raised beds and add other good stuff to it like seaweed and leaf mulch as the year goes on. We will also be able to use this soil for planting out new plants in other areas where the soil is not as good.


Here are a coulpe of new plants we are trying at Jimi’s walk.

cephplaria irisaclvilegia