We were back at it yesterday, planting trees on the edges of the upper meadow to help create wind defences for the vegetable garden and for the meadow depending on which way the wind is blowing. James had left an area at the edge with slightly longer grass after the big cut of the meadows at the end of last year. He knew that this was roughly the area we wanted to add trees to so yesterday we started by placing bamboo sticks in the ground where we wanted the trees to go making sure we retained a curved path wide enough for the quad. We have planted mainly the native and abundant Silver Birch but also some Oak and Rowan. This will not only create a wind defence but also help hide the working areas of the garage, barn and vegetable patch from the deck viewpoint area.

Great patience is required when planting for wind defence but you can’t ask for better results and if you are following this blog you will know we are always adding to our defence in different ways and it is amazing to see the results, a real work in progress!