While the ever-changing wild weather continues outside there is plenty of work to do inside. A newly order flat pack bee-hive has arrived and needed assembling so I go busy with that while the wind rain and sleet whipped around. Unlike Ikea furniture this did not come with instructions so a fun day and a half of figuring that out kept me busy. When there was a break in the weather I decided to get the digger over to the area that granny and I decided would be best for the bees and cleared back the surface. I also did a surface scrapping of the area just behind the tall hedge in front of the house where brambles and other weeds have begun creeping into the meadow. I will have to go in again and remove all of the for burning.

The area we have chosen for the beehive is in the wooded area across the meadow from the house so there is some wind protection and it is right on the meadows edge so the bees will have immediate access to a fantastic food supply. It is also not too close the the walkers path. We are hoping this will be a great place but we can only try and see.

I have also been very busy potting up all of the newly arrived root stock, running low on space already!!